• Personal Thoughts

    2021 Crytpo Journey Reflections

    It’s been a while since I wrote something on my blog, crypto moves too fast and you just lose track of things in general. Taking a moment here to slow down the accelerator pedal and [...]
  • Crypto

    The Bullish Thesis for Terra Luna

    The best crypto investment idea I have found thus far is Terra Luna. What makes Luna different from other tokens is that it is not just a token that is used to pay for gas [...]
  • Solana Review 2021

    Solana Review 2021: Why is Solana Price going up?

    1. Solana Ecosystem Overview Solana has attracted the attention of institutional investors as SEC-registered Osprey Funds readied a private SOL fund for accredited investors and BridgeTower Capital’s provided a $20m venture fund to bootstrap Solana [...]
  • What is liquidity pool in defi

    What is Liquidity Pool (LP) in DeFi?

    What is liquidity pool in DeFi? Have you heard of those degens doing LP at 200-300% yields? Or terms like yield-farming, harvesting, DEX, impermanent loss, automated market-maker (AMM)? What are all these buzzwords and hype [...]