The Ultimate Crypto Investing Course for Beginners (2-days) *Product not live yet




*Product still in beta phase (not live yet), ETA Q4 2021

Course Outline:

The Ultimate Crypto Investing Course for Beginners (2-days) is a blockchain educational series infused with practical market experiences to become a power user in crypto. You will learn the ins-and-outs of how bitcoin, Ethereum & smart contract works on the technical level as well as how to use and interact with dApps on the blockchain with live demo & case studies. This course package is based on my 5 years of experience in crypto and is designed for beginners or those who are new into the crypto space. Everything has been simplified to an ELI5 format so that you can achieve a solid foundation of how crypto market works & ride on this emerging trend in the next decade.

1. Introduction to Bitcoin, Ethereum & Blockchain

  • Origins & Ideologies of bitcoin
  • Core concepts of cryptography: How bitcoin works? (transactions, hashing, public-key cryptography, digital signatures, UTXOs, Merkel Tree, Consensus, bitcoin mining)
  • Conceptual understanding of what a blockchain is
  • Introduction to Ethereum & Smart Contract (EVM, dApps, EIP-1559 Gas Fees)
  • The Scalability Trilemma – How bitcoin & Ethereum plans to scale up for mass adoption
  • The world of Stable Coins (Different types of stable coin models)

2. Be Your Own Bank – Wallet set-up Guide

  • How to buy/sell cryptocurrencies efficiently
  • Types of Crypto Wallets & Set-ups
  • How to manage your crypto assets safely (Best Practices)

3. Venturing into the Altcoin Forest

  • Risk categories of cryptocurrencies
  • Understanding the interrelationship between altcoins and bitcoin
  • Altcoin cheat sheet guide – Crypto money flow cycle & Alt-season
  • Categories of Altcoins to invest in
  • Portfolio Allocation

4. Fundamental Analysis of Crypto Projects

  • 10 steps to screen/analyze altcoins fundamentals

5. Guide to Understanding DeFi

  • Introduction to DeFi
  • How decentralized exchanges (DEX) works
  • How are prices determined in automated market maker (AMM)
  • How to become a liquidity provider and earn yields
  • What is Impermanent loss + case study
  • Liquidity pool strategies to maximize profits and yields
  • Guide to yield farming safely & profitably
  • Lending & Borrowing, interest rates in DeFi
  • Liquidation process for leverage borrowers
  • Derivatives & Synthetics
  • Role of aggregators in DeFi
  • Advanced DeFi yield farming strategies (Where do yields in DeFi come from?)
  • How to mitigate risks in DeFi (Insurance in crypto)


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