Ultimate Cryptocurrency Investing Course (2-Day)


The Ultimate Crypto Investing Course (2-days) is a blockchain educational program infused with practical market experiences to become a power user in crypto. You will learn the ins and outs of how bitcoin, Ethereum & smart contracts work on the technical level as well as how to use and interact with dApps on the blockchain with live demo & latest case studies examples. This course package is based on my 5 years of experience in crypto and is designed for beginners or those who are new to the crypto space. Everything has been simplified to an ELI5 format so that you can achieve a solid foundation of how the crypto market works & ride on this emerging trend in the next decade.



Course Outline:


Day 1 (Beginner)

  • Origins & Ideologies of bitcoin
  • Core concepts of cryptography
    (transactions, hashing, public-key, digital signatures, UTXOs, Merkel Tree, Consensus, mining)
  • Fundamental understanding of how blockchain works
  • Introduction to Ethereum & Smart Contracts (EVM, dApps, EIP-1559 Gas Fees)
  • The role of stablecoins in crypto
  • Fiat on/off ramp, crypto exchange, cold/hot wallet setup (learn the most cost-effective way setup)
  • Best practices to manage your crypto assets securely (wallet hygiene, mistakes to avoid)
  • Venturing into the altcoin forest (types of categories)
  • Crypto money flow cycle & alt season (understanding bitcoin & altcoins dynamics)
  • Portfolio building & allocation strategies
  • In-depth deep dive into Defi 1.0 basics & how it works (DEX, AMM, LP, IL etc.)
  • Money Markets in Defi (Lending/borrowing/rates/liquidations)
  • Aggregators, Derivatives, Indexes & Synthetics
  • Basic & Advanced Staking/Yield Farming/LP strategies
    (where do yields come from, DeFi lego blocks & how to stack them etc.)
  • Live demo practical examples of how to interact with the various key dApps in the ecosystem


Day 2 (Advanced)

  • Overview landscape of existing L1 blockchain protocols
  • Web3 layer stack, Core ideas around DAOs/Metaverse/Gamefi/Cross-chain/Data Storage/Music
  • Scalability Issues: Ethereum L2 / bitcoin Scalability solutions (Zk, Optimistic roll-ups)
  • Basic introduction into Defi 2.0 and the problems it is solving today
  • Framework for Fundamental Analysis (Qualitative + Quantitative, Tokenomics, Game Theory etc.)
  • Tactics to screen for alphas, VCs investments, analyze altcoin projects and build conviction
  • Trading charts indicators/Markets on-chain metrics & analytics
  • Psychological risk mitigation strategies (personal trading/investing emotional mindset tips)
  • Insurance in Crypto (how to hedge against smart contract exploits)
  • Multiple project case studies to put all the theories & concepts into practical market analysis
  • Objective by the end of the 2-day program: Level up to become a power crypto native user


Event Details

  • 2-days Full workshop (9.30 am – 6 pm~)
  • Min 50 pax for class to start
  • Fill up the waiting list form if keen (I would pm you individually) > https://forms.gle/5iaiFZ1Va4YyQNJE8
  • For other enquiries, you can email us at theancientbabylonians@gmail.com or chat with our bot


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