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Ideal for those who want to gain an edge in the crypto markets, but yet has no time to sift through information or budget to access various premium alphas. Instead of paying individually to different premium sources and having full access control, you can now opt to give up control & relax, pay a fixed monthly fee but receive a broader scope of aggregated alpha content in crypto. The pooled membership funds would be allocated towards alpha sources and the latest updates would be shared privately among the members. *Note that you would not receive account access due to security reasons, but rather a filtered version of information based on my own understanding & thought process.



*Still in beta-mode

  • Pooled-cost community group
  • Funds would be used for other premium alpha sources
  • Aggregation of information from different alphas
  • A mixture of research-based reports/trading/markets/altcoins/on-chain analytics etc.
  • A cost-effective approach to gain a market edge
  • Possible DAO mechanisms to voting directional use of funds
  • Snippets of voice messages/calls among the community for new ideas
  • For more serious/advanced crypto investors who are 24/7 in the markets


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