Crypto Consultation (45 mins) *Soft-launch 30% PROMO Now

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  • Ask any doubts or burning questions you have about crypto
  • Practical walk-through guide & live demo to help you get started in crypto
  • Ideal for beginners or new crypto users
  • Bridge your knowledge gap in a cost-effective way
  • Fast-track your crypto learning journey to become a power user
  • Learn best practices & tips to make $ in crypto
  • 1-to-1 tailored focus session on YOU
  • Payment by PayPal or Terra UST
  • Soft-launch 30% PROMO until 31st Dec 2021: Use coupon code “BABY30” at checkout page
  • Book your time slot here to get started 👉

2 reviews for Crypto Consultation (45 mins) *Soft-launch 30% PROMO Now

  1. Patrick Koh (verified owner)

    CHANG is a rare breed of educator in Crypto. He combines years of investing, many hours of fundamental research and technical analysis( including on chain). His views are balanced and not hyped out. Strongly advised to have a consultation with him; saves you many hours of research, and confidence to follow through.
    Ps. Best of all, made 300 percent profit after viewing his video on Terra Luna eco system.

  2. Wendy K

    Hi Chang, Thank you very much for ur coaching. U hv provided me with excellent insights on the developments n potential of the wide-ranging cryptos. I have invested successfully in Luna, ETH, BTC, MIR, Matic etc. Your inputs are valuable as the crypto market is ever evolving. Your indepth knowledge about different platforms, utilities, technical n fundamental analysis has helped me make rewarding choices. I hv made more than USD200k within 3 months. Appreciate your help n I look forward to your continued coaching.

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