Fattening thy Lean Purse

Comparing Portfolio Performance

Building a Golden Stream of Income

Summary of the Month

  • Portfolio value rose to an all-time high due to the Crypto boom
  • BTC might be showing a possible reversal breakout from the downward channel
  • ICX did exceptionally well this month. Incoming bullish news?
  • Break-even prices for most alts are still a far distance away
  • Added a new section that compares my portfolio against the benchmark
  • You can immediately see the volatility of my portfolio. Looking to reduce that gradually
  • Changed from calculating cumulative dividends to just dividends collected for the year
  • The huge boost in dividends for Jan comes from BAT Tokens
  • Dividends from NEO & ONT (GAS & ONG) are pathetic, barely any growth
  • Expenses rose sharply this month. Gotta include monthly insurance premiums now
  • Bought a new monitor screen for coding, some python books, insurance plans & holiday trip
  • No additions to War Chest or even savings this month. Wiped out disposable income entirely

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