New look to Track Portfolio & Dividends

It has been a long time since I wrote a blog post about investing. I would like to apologise for my in-activeness to any readers out there. The past few months have been really hectic as the new semester starts. From now on till June, I would not be as active as before in writing due to the endless school commitments. But I would still do an monthly update to track my personal portfolio every end of the month.

As I looked through the previous methodology of presenting information, I realised there was just way too much numbers. People are finding it hard to digest what is going on and its simply not reader-friendly. There are different years & dates and financial metrics are all over the place. Some charts such as “Return on Equity” are irrelevant on second thought as I have neither equity investors nor debt. The entire presentation is just bad and I thought of coming up a new way of doing it.

Furthermore, I realised there are some problems with the “Dividends Purse” section. Firstly, posting a snapshot of my dividends every month-end fails to capture the cumulative increase of dividends overtime. Secondly, the “Annual Dividends” chart is based on theoretical calculations of staking returns from sites such as and That is not really representative of the dividends I collected as the generation of GAS or ONG varies from a myriad number of factors. Instead, showing how much GAS or ONG I RECEIVED would be a better reflection of my cash flow position.

There used to be a whole lot more of financial figures and analysis. But I have decided to scrap all of that. The newer version is now cleaner and simpler. All the Information is condensed into just 4 key Insight: Capital Allocation, Asset Allocation Portfolio, Cumulative Net Profit and Cumulative Dividends Collected. Here is a look at the Before and After effect.



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