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The Babylonians is a financial blog inspired by a book titled “The Richest Man in Babylon”. To read a more detailed version of why this name was chosen, do check up the post on the story of Babylon.

This blog shares educational content on investing across 3 asset classes: Stocks, REITs and Crypto. Using myself as a test subject, I want to experiment if it’s possible for the average joe to escape the 9-5 rat race through following certain laws and principles of wealth. The timeframe to carry out this experiment is 10 years.

I started investing at the age of 25 with a meagre allowance and less than $1,000 in my bank account. We are just a little fish in a big pond. Most investments made were through odd jobs here and there. Hence, most of you would have been in a much more fortunate situation than me, financially.

My Investment philosophy is geared towards long-term dividend investing. The assets of my portfolio come mainly from income-generating stocks, REITs, and alt-coins (w staking). The idea is to build multiple streams of income and let compounding interests do its work. My focus is to build up assets.

Articles written would be dedicated to sharing the transactions I have made along the way. I would share why I buy or sell a stock, the know-how of investing, analysing companies, technical analysis, mistakes made, lessons learnt and many other more interesting stuff.

I will be completely transparent with all my profits and losses over the coming years. The Portfolio tab would be updated regularly on the last day of each month. The Babylonians started from ground zero and you can track the financial progress of our little project. I would share all my investing experiences and document every incremental baby steps we undertook towards achieving our goal.

This blog is both a financial journal as well as a financial journey. It could either be a fairy tale flop or a realization of a dream 10 years later in 2028. But if we are successful in the pursuit of our goal, I would be 100% convinced there are certain laws governing wealth and the log of this blog shall be a testimony proof that the path to financial independence is attainable by ANYONE. I mean anyone because we started out with negligible capital.

Till then, let’s enjoy the journey and hopefully you can find one or two valuable ideas or inspiration from reading The Babylonians and apply it in your own personal financial life. If you like reading this blog and you want more out of it, do subscribe to us by entering your email on the right (Remember to verify also).

We also have a FB page @ The Babylonians where I would frequently share snippets of market updates, charts, inspirational videos, quotes or just some random thoughts. If you are interested in following the work we do, do remember to like our FB page and support us!

If you are interested in any form of collaborations, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. I am open to new ideas, making new friends and meeting like-minded individuals.

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